Here is a good article to list some of the best websites that pays for articles.

Best websites that pays per articl

  • International Living

  • Consider sending your work to International Living if you are a professional writer seeking websites that pay $500 or more for a single post. This online publication is committed to offering readers articles about retirement and international relocation.
  • Entrepreneur

  • Entrepreneur is a great resource for anyone trying to find ways to make money by writing articles. The magazine provides a variety of alternatives for writers to get paid, including websites that pay $500 for a single piece.
  • Lifehacker

  • Lifehacker is a wonderful beginning point if you’re looking for websites that pay $500 or more for one article. Longer, more in-depth posts can earn up to $500, and the site pays a standard rate of $200 for each post.
  • Reader's Digest

  • Reader’s Digest can be the ideal choice for you if you’re a freelance writer looking for websites that pay $500 for one post. The well-known publication always seeks out top-notch writing stuff and offers up to $500 for selected submissions.
  • Inc.

  • Inc. is another great opportunity who wanna get paid for their writing. Inc. is a media organization committed to assisting successful business owners and entrepreneurs. As a result, they are constantly looking for seasoned writers with expertise in business-related subjects.
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