And what it took to get there


  • Pick two topics

  • The two I chose were entrepreneurship and personal development. Write about these two topics and nothing else.
  • Schedule the writing weekly

  • I chose Saturday at the start because it was the one day I wasn’t working. Pick the day that you know you’ll have time and set it in your calendar as a recurring event.
  • Do not think about money

  • You can’t make any substantial amount of money from writing until you have put some time into your art.
  • Try not to overdo it

  • Right now I could write every single day, but I purposely do not. Starting out can also make you really excited to the point where you overdo it. Overdoing it leads to you feeling as though you have run out of ideas.
  • Use someone else’s platform

  • Having your own website will force you to piss fart around choosing website templates, engaging with web developers, paying for hosting, endlessly screwing around with column widths and a whole bunch of other BS that will not make you $11,000 per month later on. Start with someone else’s platform.
  • Spend a Stupid Amount of Time Writing in the Beginning

  • So much of my time at the start was wasted doing podcasts and promoting my work to an audience I hadn’t earned. Wherever you are starting from, you need to find your niche, your voice, and your unique way of putting sentences together.
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How I Made $11,000 From Writing in 30 Days

And what it took to get there
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